About European Routes for Leisure (ERL Events)

ERL was created more than 25 years ago by Stephen Brown who had spent some 10 years as Events Manager for a multi-national Computer Company. Having organised many events for over 2,000 Sales and Support Staff, Steve, a life-long Classic Car owner, was asked to help organise an event involving over 700 classic cars in Belgium – which proved the catalyst for the creation of ERL Events.

Today, ERL Events is probably the leading independent Classic Car Tour Holiday organiser in the UK. And has organised routes and rallies for discerning Automobile Clubs and Groups throughout Europe, for groups from private individuals to 300 plus vehicles.

We offer classic car tours, motoring holidays & driving tours for owners and drivers of classic, vintage and sports cars of all ages. Routes are planned well in advance to ensure that owners are able to complete each planed day with a leisurely drive that will neither tax the vehicle (whether vintage, classic or modern) or the drivers (and passengers). Rarely does a day include more than 200 miles driving – most days are between 100 and 150 miles – often less. Routes are ‘re-reccied’ shortly before the off to ensure that no last minute ‘diversions’ have been created, and if so, to provide alternative routes.

The routes chosen are always country by-ways – Auto routes are only included if there is no alternative, and then only for the minimum distance – one to two junctions. However, ERL is sensitive to the fact that some groups include very elderly and fragile vehicles, so all roads chosen are appropriate for the group.

The essence of a tour with ERL is style and quality. Staying at beautiful and interesting Hotels able to provide 5 star service, security for the cars, and personal commitment to the group, and eating at restaurants combining gastronomic dining with style and interest, ERL tours provide an unforgettable experience. All Hotels and Restaurants have been visited, facilities and standards verified, and staff briefed on the needs of the group. ERL groups are used to the best, and that is what they get with ERL.

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