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Do you have any questions or queries about our luxury group travel experiences? Below you will find the most commonly asked questions. If you can't see your question here, then we'd love to hear from you! So please don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • Why should I choose ERL Events?

    First the obvious – pack your suitcase at home, put it in the car and forget about it until you arrive in your hotel, unlike the hassle of flying, – oh and keep your shoes and/or jewellery and watch on. Once ashore follow the carefully chosen route in the Route Book – but stop where you like for coffee , have lunch when and where you want and join all the group for dinner on most evenings – some are free again for you to choose your evenings enjoyment.

    ERL Events is a well-established, well versed tour operating company that works hard to ensure you have the best time in your chosen destination. We pride ourselves on being sturdy, reliable tour operators with a touch of old glamour and flare. We have a lot of experience in handling lots of different situations so nothing will come as a shock to us in the form of questions or problems.

  • What kind of people will I find on the tours?

    Car driving enthusiasts, hidden routes and places travel enthusiasts, regional and national food lovers, wine fans, plus fun, sun, and life lovers. If you are one of these people you will fit right in on an ERL Events.

  • How many cars are on the tours usually?

    We typically take 10 – 30 cars on a tour but we have done tours of up to 150 in the past. However, we won’t turn you away if the number is bigger or smaller than what we’ve done before or usually do.

  • Can you help with our travel plans around the tours?

    Of course, we can! For a small admin fee at the end cost, we can advise, book and help with anything you are wanting, like staying on, returning via a different route or joining the Tour en-route.

  • What happens in the unlikely event of an accident?

    As a requirement on all of the tours we require our clients to have insurance and you MUST have at least medical cover. Car repatriation is recommended.

  • Are pets allowed on the tours?

    We regret not, motoring Tours, like Motor Sports are not the place for animals to enjoy themselves.

  • Do you do individual private groups and if so, what size is your minimum?

    Many Motoring Clubs have used ERL, from 10 cars upward all are welcome.

  • What if I, or someone I am with, is in a wheelchair or finds it hard to get upstairs?

    ERL is very used to ensuring that participants with special needs are both catered for and enjoy themselves. No lifts, ground floor bedrooms, walk in showers – we have experience of arranging all these and more.

  • I am a vegan – Can I come on one of your tours?

    Dietary needs are always catered for, the Booking Forms ask you to state your requirements and each and every hotel is advised of requirements and your Tour Guide is there to help also.

  • How does it work with visa’s if we are coming from outside of Europe?

    ERL will advise your visa needs well prior to departure, plus the in car legal requirements at each country visited.


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  • As newcomers we enjoyed ourselves immensely – meeting new friends and experiencing different, beautiful and interesting parts of Spain. Errol keeps referring to the day he spent being driven in your car - he very much enjoyed just sight-seeing for a change! We both look forward to seeing you again and enjoying another trip.

    - Sandy and Errol (2004)

    - Sandy and Errol (2004)

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